The TFI New Media Wiki

A resource made possible by The Ford Foundation

Earlier this year the Tribeca Film Institute established the TFI New Media Fund to create a resource for filmmakers telling non-fiction stories, with an urgent social justice need, across multiple platforms.

For those of you already working in this field, this is your space to share your expertise, and learn from your colleagues. If you are a filmmaker and find yourself asking (or wanting to scream) "what does transmedia mean anyways?" then this wiki is your opportunity to find out.

We believe that filmmakers intent on exploring and heightening the interactivity of their work deserve robust and active resources to guide them through the new media landscape. We want this Wiki to be one of those resources - a collaborative and communal space where filmmakers/storytellers/insert-trendy-word-of-the-year here can contribute.

As with any Wiki, the more that is put into it, the more constructive it will become. Please visit often to share insightful books and articles, posts videos, or alert fellow filmmakers to developments within the new media space. We welcome you and cannot wait to see what you create!

- The Tribeca Film Institute